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Kaufleuten, Zurich / CH, Album-Release Concert


Tim Freitag can make you cry.
Whether you shed tears of joy or tears of woe is totally up to you – the Boys from Zurich cover the entire spectrum of feelings with their driving songs and bitter lyrics.

You never know where you stand with them – just like dating in the urban jungle of the 2020s, overgrown with strangling fears of commitment: the common thread that runs through the song-stories of their debut album, «Monsters Forever». When pieces like «Another Heart Has Lost Its Place», «Bruises», or «Hold On» begin softly, it is only to give the coming thunder of guitar-strings more time to ramp up to a more explosive entrance. «By Your Side», in contrast, doesn't dilly-dally around with too much unnecessary foreplay, but drives straight to the sweet-spot with hip-swinging action, with danceable guitar riffs that unashamedly clasp hands of bro-ship with pounding Indie Rock. The passion-pregnant «Tip Toe», on the other hand, testifies to the Timmies’ Alternative Pop heart at the core of their music. And this keeps perfect time with the heartbeats of the 70,000 monthly Spotify listeners who, all together, have already accumulated an incredible 2.5 million song plays!

The all-male quintet achieve, gig-after-gig-after-gig, what many Swiss (Alas!, also international) acts rarely succeed in doing: entertaining and enchanting a new, previously unknown audience over the course of an entire show. The secret of this magic lies in equal doses, on the one hand, with the cool, charismatic, easy-on-the-eye, yet eccentric front man, Janick Pfenninger, and, on the other, with the impressive quantities of artistic sweat that Tim Freitag pour out onto audiences during their stage performances – and, therefore, more or less collectively forego upper body clothing.

This total dearth of torso garments saves the Timmies a few pennies of laundromat money; money the band prefers to invest in maintaining the band bus that not only shuttles them from club to club, but also to well-known music festivals. With already more than 100 live concerts to the Five Zürich Boys’ performance-credit, they have performed gigs at such in-scene music epicenters as Gonzo or the Rote Fabrik; prestigious locales such as the (sold out!) Kaufleuten; but, also, on the grand internationally-famous stages of the Gurtenfestival, Blue Balls Festival, Zermatt Unplugged, Stars in Town, and Moon & Stars. Tim Freitag are welcome regulars on the radio, too – not least of all thanks to their receiving the prestigious Best Talent award from the venerable Swiss pop music institution, SRF3.

Tim Freitag are and always will be: Janick Pfenninger (Vocals), Nicolas Rüttimann (Guitars), Severin Graf (Bass), Lorenzo Demenga (Drums), Daniel Gisler (Keys) , Martin Künzle (Keys, Bass)


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